Children's clothing

Children's clothing retails in most stores in three sizes grouped from 2T to 4T, sizes 4 to 7 and 8 to 20. When you are shopping for children's clothing, you will notice a distinct difference in selection between the girls department and the boys. The reason for this is speculative, but remains an age-old problem.

Presumably, boys do not care what they wear near as much as girls. This may be true, but for that same reason, most boys do not go shopping for their own clothes until they've reached the sizes sold in the men's department. Shopping for children's clothing in the boys' department can be a very daunting task indeed. If you've not had to do it, just try finding a select few items and you'll quickly learn that selection is very limited by comparison to the girls' department.

However, on that note, shopping for children's clothing in the girls department is quite fun. There is nearly the equivalent of selection as mom would find in her own department. The problem with children's clothing in the girls department is that not only does the selection mimic the women's department, so do the styles.

Few designers of children's clothing apparently give little thought to who will actually be wearing the clothes. As an example, you can find leopard print mini skirts and half shirts to fit a six-year-old without having to look very hard. Stylish is one thing, sensible is all together something different. When shopping for children's clothing, most consumers are actually parents and are seeking age-appropriate attire.

When designers of children's clothing fix these two simple problems, there will definitely be cause to celebrate amongst parents. It isn't too much to ask to be able to easily find a decent selection of boys clothing and simultaneously be able to purchase decent clothing for girls. The good news is a few retailers have actually established this to near perfection, so more will surely follow suit in time.