Since the beginning of time when Eve bit the infamous apple, clothing has been an essential part of life. With clothing being lumped into necessities like shelter and food, it can be difficult to view clothing as an effective means of doing anything but staying warm. However, clothing tells us a great deal about the people who wear it.

Some conclusions drawn from a person's clothing are easier to discern and often more accurate than others. Take for example, when we see a person in threadbare, tattered clothing, we can easily draw the conclusion that this person may be struggling to meet their own basic needs. However, when we notice a person in an outdated but perfectly good suit, we cannot always tell if they are struggling or if they have simply denied themselves the luxury of a new one for any number of other reasons.

To the fashion conscious person, clothing is more than essential. It helps them to create an effect and make a statement. For some, clothing creates confidence and for others, clothing draws attention. Some individuals religiously clean out their closets to make room for newer, trendier pieces where others cling tightly to classic pieces that render no date, parting with the clothing only once it wears out.

If clothing were merely a necessity, people would never labor over the decision of what to wear to a job interview or on a first date. The simple fact is that clothing plays both an essential and effective role in daily life. A person's clothing budget may be small or large, but you can bet everybody has one. Striking a balance between the essential and the effective without breaking the clothing budget is what savvy shoppers are able to do. The rest of us just keep trying to stay warm and attempt to look good doing it.