Dog clothing

It takes a truly fashion conscious individual to want not only themselves to be well dressed, but their dog too. But there are such people who love their dog so much that they buy dog clothing. Actually, there is a fairly large market for dog clothing and the items available range from practical to comical.

Dog clothing consists mostly of sweaters in varying sizes. Yet there is also quite the selection of other dog clothing items such as raincoats, leather jackets, Halloween costumes, hats, boots, and shoes. Some retailers sell dog clothing with matching collars. Surprisingly, dog clothing even comes in prints and styles designed for both genders.

The design of dog clothing is made to slip over the head of the dog and then held in place by inserting their front paws into two sleeves. This prevents interference when Fido or Fluffy answers the call of nature. Shoes and boots are, of course, sold in double pairs. You may be surprised by what you can find in the way of clothing for your dog. Man's best friend can dress like Santa Claus complete with hat and boots, or perhaps a leather biker jacket and matching spiked collar best reflects its personality. Whatever style or image you desire your dog to portray, odds are you can find the appropriate garment.

The best places to find dog clothing are pet stores, large discount chains that sell pet supplies, and online retailers. Halloween costumes are big sellers in the way of dog clothing since there are several to choose from. Popular costumes for dogs include a witch, a clown, a cowboy, and even a fairy princess. Often, a costume for a dog comes complete with matching bandanna. If Halloween isn't your thing, don't despair, a casual sweater or a yellow rain slicker for long walks in the spring is all your dog needs to feel well dressed for any occasion.