Express clothing store

Most people have been to an Express clothing store, but some people don't realize that the Express clothing store is one of six specialty brand stores owned and operated by The Limited. The Limited was founded in 1963 in Ohio and has grown to include The Limited, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, and the Express clothing store so many people know and shop.

Any Express clothing store carries a unique line of original designs each year. The Express Design Studio on Fifth Avenue in New York is responsible for turning out the new styles each year. They specialize in stylish, career and casual clothing for men and women.

At an Express clothing store, shoppers will find an array of career and casual-wear that is both sexy and sophisticated. Women's clothing lines include denim and dress pants, tanks and tees, sweaters, dresses and skirts along with outerwear and accessories. They also feature a full line of men's clothing including suits and ties.

Outside of formal wear, shoppers can find most any trendy look they desire at affordable prices. This is what makes Express a unique fashion retailer as there is a quality in the design and construction of the clothing all at an affordable price. For example, you can pick up a pair of quality, good fitting jeans for around $59.00. Express clothing stores are almost always running sales, like $20.00 off any denim purchase, which boosts your shopping value as well.

To get a feel of what an Express clothing store sells before you visit, you can shop online at You can also purchase gift cards and check out current store specials and sales. There is an Express clothing store in every state in the continental US and Alaska and the Virgin Islands. Visit their website to locate a store in your area.