Fall fashion

Debuting each year in late summer, catalogues, store flyers, and fashion magazines tout the latest in fall fashion. It seems to be a favorite time to shop amongst most. Perhaps it is the darker, rich colors of fall fashion that make people want to shop for new clothes, or perhaps it is the Back-to-School rush that creates a need for everyone's closets to be revamped. Whatever the reason, fall fashion is the most awaited line of clothing each year.

Fall fashion mimics the feelings of fall as people get back in the swing of life after long and lazy summers. New denim styles emerge with warm sweaters and the fabrics that comprise fall fashion are luxurious. Suede, wool, and leather are reserved for the heavy warmth needed in fall. And the colors associated with fall fashion like rich coffee browns, warm red tones and even the cooler fall greens are hard to resist.

In the midst of fall fashion, come fall accessories and shoes. Boots have remained a long-standing staple of the fall wardrobe. When winter white became an acceptable fall color, shoes, handbags, and belts joined forces to accentuate fall fashion with a new neutral. Even the texture of fall fashion fabrics makes people want to buy at least one new thing to add to their closet.

Fall fashion takes us through the unpredictable weather patterns of September and October and carries us sensibly through each winter until the newest spring fashion lines hit the stores. Yet, no other season - spring or summer - shows retail sales of clothing and accessories like the fall. Kids prepare for school with catalogues in hand with fastidious goals of fashion prestige dancing in their heads. No matter your level of fashion sensibility, it's hard to ignore fall fashion each year.