Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry differs from classic jewelry in that it is trendy and stylish for a shorter period of time. The diamond solitaire and strand of pearls are always fashionable, but are not the same as fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry is comprised of what is new, in and stylish each season and is designed to compliment the season's fashion trends.

Fashion jewelry may be accentuated by opal or topaz one season and by black onyx the next. The precious metal of choice may be white gold, yellow gold, and then silver. Watches are often bejeweled with what's hot and the style may change from bangled to strap and back again. Jewelry may be dainty one season and bulky the next. Cultural influence often plays a role in fashion jewelry as well. The length of necklaces changes with the season and a pendant may dangle from a rope today and a herringbone chain tomorrow.

Though fashion jewelry is often changing, it is usually not made from precious gemstones. Typically, that is reserved for simple, classic pieces such as rings and bracelets. However, fashion jewelry is often comprised of real gold or silver. You won't have to visit a jewelry store for a decent selection of fashion jewelry though. Most department stores and boutiques sell a nice selection of fashion jewelry made from sterling silver and 14k gold.

As body piercing has grown in popularity, this has created a new outlet for fashion jewelry. Consumers can now find a wide selection of belly button rings, ear studs and hoops, and even toe rings, which requires no piercing but is still widely popular. Men's fashion jewelry is also more widely available than ever before.

Whatever is hip this season, be it broaches, choke chains, charm bracelets or toe rings, fashion jewelry is an easily found accessory that can compliment new purchases or that can quickly revamp a tired, but favorite old outfit.