Fashion TV

In case you weren't aware, there actually is a satellite TV station known as Fashion TV, or FTV. It is 100% dedicated programming that covers the fashion industry. They broadcast shows from entertainment to business covering fashion, models, designers, fashion-shows from around the world, and pretty much anything else fashion related.

For the millions of households with satellite television, 24-hour fashion TV is pretty serious if you're interested in following the fashion industry. The satellite broadcasting company airs interviews with fashion models from around the world and sponsors contests. It is a station popular in London, Paris, and New York, and anywhere fashion is huge business. However, if your part of the other millions of people who still have only cable television, there is plenty in the way of fashion TV for you, too.

Cable networks such as TLC, who broadcasts the show What Not to Wear, have jumped aboard reality programming and combined it with style for fashion TV viewing. Makeover shows abound even on networks, but the above example is dedicated to solving the problems of the fashion inept.

If you've somehow managed to miss What Not to Wear, it features hosts and fashion experts, Stay London and Clinton Kelly, surprising unsuspecting guests with the news that though they are poor dressers, there is help. Help comes in the form of a $5,000 clothing allowance and their own expert advice. The show follows the guests as they try to take what they've learned about fashion and style and shop for sensible, stylish new clothes.

Since the cable network fashion TV shows air sporadically, then FTV is something of interest if you are indeed serious about fashion and the industry that both supports and drives it. If you currently subscribe to satellite television, call your satellite provider to inquire about FTV.