The fast paced, ever-changing world of fashion and fashion trends consist of several key players whose desired end result is happy fashion-conscious consumers. Fashion trends throughout time have marked certain decades so strongly that looking only at the clothing in a picture, people can tell what time period the picture is from. Beginning with their inception on the small island of Manhattan to the villas of Italy, fashion trends take hold of the western world in sweeps each year.

At the forefront of the fashion phenomena is the designer. They are the creative minds who work tirelessly to turn color, fabric, patterns and texture into fashion and bring the new fashion alive on the runways. During this phase, the fashion models are at work to make the look flawless and though their journey ends backstage, the journey of the clothing and accessories born there is just beginning.

The fashion marketers then step up and must figure out how to make consumers swoon over the latest designs. Through marketing and merchandising, their job is to convince stores to carry the clothing and convince consumers to buy it. They must maintain connections with fashion magazines and convince the editors to tell the world about the latest designs.

Once the latest fashion trends find their way to the floor of shops and stores, fashion analysts stand ready to track what sells and what doesn't. A trickle down effect begins to occur as the clothing that sells becomes mimicked by knock-off designers and retailed by discount department stores. At the same time, different geographic areas are responding differently to fashion trends. What was hot in LA last month may not be ready for the Midwest or the Deep South for months to come. By this time, fashion is on the change once again and new trends are emerging in the big cities.