Gothic clothing

The term gothic refers to varying descriptions of a good many things from architecture to literary works to clothing. Gothic can be described as vintage, grotesque, or medieval. Gothic clothing is at times all and none of these things.

Gothic clothing could be what some would look for to complete a Halloween costume ensemble, but for a great many people, gothic clothing is a style all its own that reflects any number of beliefs or personalities. In its simplest terms, gothic clothing is different. Some designers of gothic clothing strive to shock where others strive to go beyond mainstream clothing and create looks that are all at once historic and unique.

Gothic clothing is typically dark and rich. You will not find pink taffeta incorporated into a line of gothic clothing. With black being the dominant neutral color, deep burgundies and wine colors often serve as accent colors. Gothic clothing is at times morbid, but several designers have created pieces that are both classic and dramatic.

The look isn't complete however with gothic clothing alone. Jewelry and accessories that are gothic in style pull it all together. Silver, pewter, and onyx are often seen accenting clothing and jewelry and rarely will you find gold as a metal used in gothic jewelry. Broaches and chokers are popular gothic accents as are rings made of silver.

Having grown in popularity, many retailers both online and in malls sell gothic clothing and accessories. Experts warn that pulling the gothic look off tastefully requires giving attention to the details, however anyone with a desire for a gothic style can quickly build a wardrobe with the right combination of vintage and new styles. Finding shops and retailers who carry these styles isn't difficult, but use your imagination and try locating shops that specialize in vintage clothing, as the accessories are easier to locate than the clothing.