Harley Davidson clothing

It may seem strange to some to have an entire wardrobe named after a motorcycle, but Harley Davidson clothing isn't made for just anybody. To understand it better, keep in mind that a Harley Davidson motorcycle is one of the few things that does not depreciate in value. The same isn't true for Harley Davidson clothing, but if you own a Harley, you're proud of it and your clothes help make that statement.

Harley Davidson clothing is like any other brand name clothing and therefor doesn't always come cheap. There is a varied selection of Harley Davidson clothing available for men, women, and even kids. The most popular pieces are jackets, hats, boots, and gloves. However, you can also easily find other pieces of clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, and even V-neck sweaters.

Harley Davidson clothing isn't solely about portraying a biker image. Even though the most popular color and material is black leather, there are so many different styles of jackets alone, most any one could find their style in a Harley Davidson jacket or a Harley Davidson shirt.

As a novelty item, Harley Davidson clothing is huge business. From infant onsies to boxer shorts, you can find the Harley Davidson emblem stamped or embroidered on most any item - and not just clothing. In fact, some Harley Davidson memorabilia are now valuable collector items.

Once reserved as a specialty item only available in specialty stores, Harley Davidson clothing can now be found in several chain stores in limited quantities. Hundreds of online retailers also sell Harley Davidson clothing and memorabilia. The largest group of buyers for the clothing and novelty items, are of course, Harley Davidson owners, but it also reaps sales from gift-giving buyers as well.