Hawaiian clothing

One wouldn't have to guess that there are virtually no sweaters included in a line of Hawaiian clothing. Obviously the climate in Hawai dictates that Hawaiian clothing is lightweight. For this very reason, black is not a particularly popular color in Hawaiian clothing designs.

Hawaiian clothing is readily identified by the popular floral patterns that are reminiscent of the tropical flowers that grow there. Leafy palms and floral prints comprise most shirts, dresses, and skirts belonging to the Hawaiian clothing style.

Men often wear light colored, lightweight pants or shorts with Hawaiian shirts and sandals. Layers aren't usually necessary and dark colors aren't very common, except when it comes to suits. Women's Hawaiian clothing is of very similar patterns to men's and there are two very popular dress styles.

The first is the sarong style dress, which wraps around itself at the waist to form the skirt of the dress. Another popular style of dress is the spaghetti strap dress. The hem of a Hawaiian dress typically falls just at or below the knee. Women often adorn their hair with flowers that are similar or matching to the ones in their attire. The most popular type of shoe worn with Hawaiian clothing is the sandal.

The infamous grass skirt that so many people from the continental US associate with Hawaiian clothing, is not worn as everyday attire. The grass skirt is usually worn by hula dancers at ceremonies, parties, or special events and is most commonly combined with a two-piece, Hawaiian style bathing suit when worn by a woman. When men wear a grass skirt, they may wear a loincloth under the skirt or a similar respectable undergarment and no shirt. Though artificial leis are commonly doled out to tourists, most natives are usually adorned with live flowers or no flowers at all.