Hip Hop clothing

Hip hop clothing, also known as urban wear, has more or less replaced the "grunge" look of the late 1990s and is hugely popular amongst young men, especially in urban areas. Typically, hip hop clothing is associated with the male-dominant rap industry, but there are women who wear hip hop clothing. Hip hop clothing is sold in every mall across the country and can be purchased from online retailers as well.

Hip hop clothing has several large brand name labels and some off-brand companies are mimicking the style as well. Some of the more popular fabrics used to make hip hop clothing are velour and fleece. Two piece sweat-suit style ensembles made from either fabric are very popular as are baggy pants and denim, and of course "bling".

As an accessory to hip hop clothing, dog tags are very popular. Exactly what you might picture when you hear the term dog tags, similar to what a soldier would wear, are available with all sorts of name brands and logos and even scrolling marquees and light up letters.

Though as mentioned, the hip hop style is more readily available in men's clothing, but that is not to say that a few designers haven't recently come into play on the women's hip hop scene. Women aren't looking to hide their curves in baggy pants, they're looking to accentuate them so jeans are a completely different fit for women. Jumpsuits with belts and urban handbags are also very stylish women's hip hop clothing. Of course, there's also the basic Tee.

If you're looking to pump up your wardrobe with hip hop clothing and styles, search out the top 10 brand names in hip hop clothing and shop for them online, or you can be assured that you can find them at any number of stores in your local mall.