Men's fashion

Believe it or not, some men do have a sense of fashion - and not all of them are gay either. Men's fashion has become an industry that more people are paying attention to - especially men. In fact, ZZ Top said it best - every girl IS crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man.

Men's fashion over time has expanded in both color and style. There was a time when a man needed only one pair of shoes, one suit, and maybe three shirts. While it's true most men's closets have less inside them than most women's, men's fashion is now a force to be reckoned with. Men's fashion has made it possible for men to feel more comfortable about dressing well.

One area that men's fashion has unleashed is color. Men used to be uncomfortable wearing lighter colors such as baby blue or even cream. They faithfully donned only black, gray, brown, and the only splash of color allowed was on the tie. If you are looking for Giorgio Armani ties check out the raffaello network which offers a wide selection of silk neckties. Thankfully, men's fashion today allows men to choose a variety of colors and feel comfortable wearing. Some men look particularly dashing when dark hair, dark complexion and dark eyes contrast with light and colorful clothing.

Style is another area that has finally advanced in men's fashion. A man might have up to four or five different styles of pants alone. Ranging from cargo pants to khakis to dress pants to denim, men can pair pants with similarly styled shirts and change their look for the office, a date, a sporting event or weekends home playing with the kids.

The men's department may never rival the women's, but at least women can encourage men to now actually shop for clothes and pick out a few different items to vary their looks. Because who wants to see their man in the same clothes day after day - after all, variety is the spice of life!