Outdoor clothing

Rugged, yet stylish, outdoor clothing is what many outdoorsmen, and women, look to buy. Several designers have answered the need for rugged, stylish clothing since outdoor sports have gained popularity. Hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, and even biking require durable clothing that wears and washes equally well.

There are many companies who sell a combination of clothing lines that incorporates work wear and outdoor clothing and have sold rugged wear for years. Over time, more companies have begun manufacturing outdoor clothing as the demand for quality, stylish outdoor clothing has grown. Eddie Bauer, Timberline, and Carhartt are but a few brands of stylish outdoor clothing. Several specialty stores have also opened and grown their online presence to deal strictly in outdoor and work wear.

Outdoor clothing lines typically include heavy denim in a variety of colors, cotton blend shirts, flannel, duck and down filled coats. Many garments have lining for extra warmth and many items have matching pieces for achieving layered looks. Waterproof garments are also especially popular in outdoor clothing lines, as well as fabric that breathes so sweat and moisture doesn't lay against the skin all day.

Rugged wear isn't just about warmth and comfort though, it's about style too. Still, one of the most important pieces of outdoor clothing is the shoe - which is the piece that demands the most. Whatever the need for a quality outdoor shoe, it must provide warmth, comfort and durability and it must perform well during the task at hand. Whether hiking, skiing, running, or climbing, an uncomfortable shoe with little comfort or support causes sore feet and a ruined day.

To shop for outdoor clothing, do an online search of any popular brand to locate retail stores, or browse online to order.