Sexy clothing

The number one desire of most women is to wear sexy clothing, or clothing that makes them feel sexy. The number one fashion bungle is women wearing sexy clothing the wrong way. If you have a sense of fashion, you should quickly recognize that a tube top is not sexy. The first rule of wearing sexy clothing is to buy what fits. The second rule is to know what sexy is.

If you're buying clothing that is too tight in hopes to accentuate a curve, you will not be wearing sexy clothing. It's true that the curves of a woman's body are, in part, what make her sexy to a man. However, if you're squeezing yourself into sexy clothing, you won't be accentuating your curves, you'll be creating bulge. To wear sexy clothing correctly, your curves should be accentuated, but with properly fitting, tailored garments.

For tops, it's best to start with a proper fitting bra. Sexy clothing will in no uncertain terms come off well if your breasts are mushed into a bra and leaking out the sides. Back fat is what is created when the circumference of the bra is wrong. If you do not know how to shop for a proper fitting bra, seek a department store that employs a professional fitter. A proper fitting bra is guaranteed to make every piece of sexy clothing you wear to accentuate the right things.

Pants and skirts can be sexy clothing too, if they fit right. Skirts should not be so short that when you bend over you are displaying the small gap between your upper thighs. Sexy clothing means accentuating your figure, while still leaving the most sensual parts of you to the imagination. To help select skirts, do not buy a skirt that lays higher on your thigh than wear the tip of your middle finger lands when standing upright with your arms down to the sides. Similarly, do not try to disguise poor fitting pants as sexy clothing. If you cannot breathe when sitting down, or if you have to pick the seat of your pants out from between your rear end when you stand up, your pants don't fit right.

When choosing sexy clothing, look for necklines that accentuate your body style, waist lines that elongate your legs, and check that your bust line and rear are not bulging. Black is the best color for slimming, but not all skin tones can wear it. So if you find black doesn't work, stick to another solid, dark color. If you know what to look for and how to check for a proper fit, sexy clothing can work for anyone.