Vintage clothing

Vintage clothing by definition is clothing that marks a period of time in history. Vintage clothing has in part, remained a hot commodity for some senses of style because of certain pieces that are classic in cut or design. Many vintage clothing stores operate very successfully, especially in the art districts of certain cities across the country.

Vintage clothing is easily recognizable, especially the styles of the Victorian era. Many of the blouses worn then were designed with detailed stitching and ruffled sleeves or lapels and were tailored to fit the bodice and waistline created with a corset. Vintage clothing is also quickly identified by the buttons on the garment and the colors of the fabrics.

A good deal of women enjoy the look of vintage clothing so much because of the tailored, classic look it creates. Long skirts represent the vintage look as well, but most women forgo the full look that is created by the petticoat.

The Victorian era is not the only era from which vintage clothing is popular. The 1930s were a time in which clothing became more revealing and glamorous and the 40s brought about ladies pants, which until that time were not a popular choice in clothing. Hats are another mark of vintage clothing from the 1900s to the 1950s, hats make it easy to distinguish a given era.

To shop for vintage clothing, you can check your local area for specialty stores or do a search to shop online. Most vintage clothing retailers will market items from the early 1900s to the early 1960s and will include not only clothing but accessories and vintage jewelry as well.