Western clothing

At a point in history, western clothing might have been used to describe anything that was contrary to eastern clothing, such as women's pants. However, today western clothing describes a more specific style of clothing. When we think of western clothing, we think of cowboy boots, boot cut jeans and button-up shirts ornate with fringe or stitching, and maybe cowboy hats.

Western clothing stores are popular, especially in the mid-west and plains states. A typical western ensemble for a man might include boot cut denim, a belt with a large, but significant buckle, and a button-up shirt complete with leather vest, cowboy hat and boots. Women have a little more selection and can choose from a similar ensemble, or from more feminine styles such as bustle skirts or walking skirts.

Most skirts in a western clothing line will be longer than a suit skirt, with the hem falling below the knees to the ankle depending on the type of skirt. Blouses that accompany the skirts may be fringed, ruffled, or pleated. Colors are usually very subdued and neutral to include mostly white, cream, black and blue. The camisole is also a popular type of western style top for women - however it more closely resembles a tank top with a waistband than a spaghetti strap, silk top.

Accessories for western clothing include belts, hats, suspenders, and of course scarves. Men often wear scarves around their neck with a vest, or they will wear a slide tie, which is like a piece of rope with an ornamental slide that will loosen and tighten the tie to fit the person. Of course, the final completion of any western ensemble would be the boots. Boots can be very expensive and range in quality, but most are leather.

If you're interested in western clothing and don't have a specialty store near you, search online for other retailers.