Wholesale clothing

Anyone who is budget conscious knows what wholesale clothing is and probably the best places to find it. Wholesale clothing is any clothing item that is available for purchase below the retail or sales price offered at retail stores. Wholesale clothing is not the same as buying clothing at cost - it's buying it for what the retailers would have had to pay for it.

Many retailers run outlet stores to offer wholesale clothing. Essentially, they are selling back overstocked items, factory overruns, or items that could not be shelved for what they paid for them. Other stores operate under this same premise, but buy wholesale clothing at a discount to relieve the original retailer of the burden and then merchandise their own stores with the items.

For the particularly savvy shopper whose main goal is to find a bargain, this is a favorite way to go. But be assured that shopping for wholesale clothing isn't easy and nothing is guaranteed. If it were easy, everyone would do it and retailers would feel the strain.

Whether you're shopping at an outlet or discount store, you're likely to encounter three very common problems associated with wholesale clothing shopping. The first is that because the inventory consists of overstocked items and factory overruns, there is not an equal selection of all sizes. Typically, you find the most common sizes are difficult to find. For example, there may be a huge selection of women's clothing from 0 to 6 and then nothing in 8 to 12.

Similarly, locating items in an outlet or wholesaler is difficult no matter what size you're looking for. Because they are not retail stores, most do not merchandise and organize their inventory. This would be a cost they would have to pass on. Many outlet stores are organized into at best, departments. From there, you might find winter and summer items mixed together in any range of sizes.

Lastly, some items may be damaged. Damaged can mean anything from a screen print that failed to adhere completely to a garment to a missing button. Depending on the manufacturer and how stringent their quality-check stations are, this may or may not be a problem. Some damaged wholesale clothing doesn't even appear to be damaged, where some may be in need of actual repair.

For someone who enjoys the thrill of the hunt, is handy with a sewing needle and just enjoys a good bargain, shopping for wholesale clothing can be a fun and financially rewarding excursion. Just be aware that the convenience of shopping retail is completely lost in this particular experience.